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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is training held?

Group classes are held at A Dog's World Inc. at 1147 Torbay Road, A1K 1A5 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7 or 8pm. Private training initial consultations are done at the owner's home, and subsequent lessons are either outdoors or at the home.

What are the age requirements for classes?

Puppy Manners is designed for puppies up to 16 weeks, and our Adult FUNdamentals courses (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) are for dogs 5 months and over.  There is no age limit for private training - we CAN teach old dogs new tricks!

What are the vaccination requirements for classes?

Puppies are required to stay on the veterinary-recommended schedule of boosters at approximately 8, 12 and 16 weeks. We take every precaution necessary to ensure a safe space for the puppies to start socializing during the critical developmental period from 8-14 weeks old - all adult dogs entering the facility are fully vaccinated and in good health, our puppy classes are always scheduled as the first session of the evening, and we take great care cleaning and sterilizing all surfaces and equipment ahead of class. We recommend puppies have their second round of vaccinations by the start of class or very soon after, however we will accommodate puppies earlier provided they have been given a clean bill of health at their 8 week visit, received their first shot and dewormer, and been home with their new humans for at least one week showing no signs of illness. Owners are required to keep us updated with proof of their puppy's vaccinations during classes. For more information about the benefits of early socialization in puppies and vaccination recommendations, check out the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior position statement here.

For adult dogs, we require proof of vaccinations or titre testing every 3 years after their 1 year booster. Dogs must be vaccinated against parvovirus and distemper (DA2PP vaccine), and we highly recommend getting bordatella (kennel cough) especially if you're considering daycare in the future. We do not require rabies vaccinations.

Does my dog have to be spayed/neutered to attend class?

We understand that the decision to spay or neuter your dog is a personal preference, and we will not turn away intact dogs. Our classes are all on leash, so the opportunity for the dogs to "get friendly" is very low. If your female is in heat, we ask that you consider using a diaper to help reduce the amount of mess in class - the assistants and helpers are very grateful for this!  

Can my reactive dog attend classes?

Depending on the level of reactivity, you may want to consider some private training ahead of attending group classes. While group classes provide a great opportunity to practice skills in a more distracting environment, many reactive dogs find the classroom stressful and overwhelming - especially if they haven't had much prior training. If you're not sure, please email us with a detailed description of your dog's behaviour and we can discuss the best options for your dog.

How do I book my training?

Head to Book Online to complete our online wizard for classes! If you don't see the class you're looking for, it is either not currently being offered or it is full. You will be taken through a short intake form, and asked for a credit card to secure your booking. Due to limited space and high demand, payment is required within 48 hours of scheduling your training - you can either pay with credit card online, or e-transfer to If payment is not received, we will attempt to contact you with a reminder - failure to arrange payment will result in removal from the course.

What is your cancellation policy?

Private training sessions can be rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to your booking through your confirmation email. Cancellations or attempts to reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment time will be seen as a no-show appointment. Repeated cancellations may result in the owner being prevented from making future bookings. For group classes, we do not offer refunds on enrollment - please be sure that your schedule allows you to attend the full course before booking.

Do you offer a training guarantee?

In our training, we are teaching humans how to train their dogs - we can show you the way, we can teach you the skills, but we need owners to be aware that results are dependent on how much work YOU do with YOUR dog. We cannot be there 24/7, so owners need to acknowledge that their success is largely dependent on their commitment to their training plan. Simply showing up for one hour per week will not result in a well-trained dog. We provide weekly homework assignments for our group classes, which require video submissions in order to complete the course. For private training, we have follow-up packages of lessons at a discounted rate to continue your training and allow us to keep up that momentum. We also have a Facebook support group for students to ask questions (or brag about their successes!) and students have a direct line to talk with Sarita at any time with their concerns. We want to provide as much support as possible to ensure our students are successful, however we also need students to commit to their training and put in the necessary work to get the results they want!


If you would like more information on our current offerings or need help deciding which training option is best for you, get in touch!

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