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With flexible online and in-person options for both private and group training, it's never been easier to schedule training for you and your dog!

Private training

For one-on-one behavior modification and personalized training plans tailored to your specific needs. Suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments.

Available online and in-person.

Basic Commands (Sit, Down, Stand, Loose Leash Walking, Stay, Come)

Life Skills (Impulse Control, Socialization, Proper Greetings)

Available in-person (8 weeks) and online (4 weeks)

Adult FUNdamentals

Proper, early socialization for puppies aged 8-16 weeks. Introduction to basic commands and life skills.

Available in-person (6 weeks) and online (4 weeks)

Puppy Manners

Tackle common household behavior problems like jumping on guests, barking, settling around company and table manners.

Available in-person (4 weeks) and online (4 weeks)

Happier Home

Teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash and introduce basic walking/stopping commands.

Available in-person (4 weeks) and online (4 weeks)

Loose Leash Walking

A combination of behavior modification and skills training to address leash reactivity and aggression. Learn to love your walks with your reactive dog, and how to handle difficult situations.

Available in-person (private training) and online (4 weeks)

Leash Reactivity and aggression 

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