EnrichMonday! DIY Puzzle Toy

Original post: March 2018

Welcome to the first post in East Coast Canine's new blog series: EnrichMonday!

Enrichment for dogs can come from a wide array of toys, treats, bones, training exercises and games to play at home.. And what better day to get started than a gloomy winter Monday in Newfoundland! This blog series aims to promote daily enrichment for dogs, with tricks and tips along the way for cool new products and ways to do it yourself at home. Every Monday, I'll be posting a new toy, game, exercise or recipe for you and your furry friend to try!

The benefits of enrichment for your dogs are endless.. While physical stimulation in the form of daily exercise is extremely important, all too often the benefits of mental stimulation are overlooked. By providing enrichment opportunities for your dog, you'll be reducing stress and anxiety, improving learning, building confidence, practicing some basic obedience and improving your dog's impulse control. The wonderful thing about puzzle toys is basically all you need to do is fill them up, sit back and enjoy watching your pup come to life! It's free training! You just sit, watch, and post cute photos on Facebook/Insta. Why would you not do this?! It's a win-win situation, and something I'd love to see all dog owners integrating into their daily lives - switching up your feeding routine isn't just for the problem pups!

For our family, Mondays are becoming the firm favourite day of the week. In order to beat the winter depression this year, we've been trying new and fun things every Monday in preparation for this blog, and it has become our squeeze bottle and treat prep day. The Monday blues are becoming the Monday chews&snooze - I think the boys are enjoying their new routine :)