Every day I'm snufflin'!

Original post: March 12 2018

Welcome back for the second installment of EnrichMonday - bringing you tips, reviews and ideas to incorporate more mental stimulation in your dog's life through enrichment training! Last week I posted the DIY muffin tray puzzle toy - this week is another toy you can build at home.. So long as you have some spare time and aren't prone to tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, frustration, boredom, shoulder/neck pain, calluses, alcoholism or an inability to complete basic yet lengthy tasks. I bring to you my labour of love, the snuffle mat.

I curse the day I decided to make you.

I've been seeing these pop up over the last few months on Facebook enrichment pages and decided to give it a try. There are a lot of perks of using a snuffle mat - the densely packed fabric creates hundreds of little cavities to stash kibble or treats, making it a great puzzle toy to feed an entire meal. Not only that, the soft material makes it suitable for short-nosed breeds that struggle getting immersed in many store-bought puzzle toys, and the toy is "one size fits all". They can also look pretty appealing too if you use some nice colours and your scissor skills are better than a 2 year old wearing mittens (unlike me). There are a few available online and in local pet stores, but to make your own all you need is a few cheap products: a base (I used a Betty Crocker sink protector), some fleece blankets and a pair of scissors.